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Dec. 20, 2012

Release! The LG-FCB upgrade kit is available for delivery, we have a large number of kits on stock now.

FCB / UnO ControlCenter

Not related to the LG-FCB extension kit, but also available on this website.

Welcome to the LG-FCB website

You will probably wonder: what does LG-FCB stand for ?


LG is for "Little Giant". The GORDIUS Little Giant is by far the most advanced MIDI controller on the market. Although most popular as standalone MIDI floorboard, capable of simultaneously controlling a wide range of devices, the first GORDIUS design was actually the LGM, an extension module for the FCB1010.


FCB is for the Behringer FCB1010, by far the most popular and most affordable MIDI controller on the market. Almost inevitably, the low price also comes with a very limited feature set. The UnO firmware adds some interesting features like "stompbox mode", but the limitations caused by the electronics design still apply.


If you want to combine the power of a GORDIUS controller with the affordability of the FCB1010, the LG-FCB kit is for you. It is the brain of a GORDIUS controller with some functional restrictions, redesigned small enough to fit inside the FCB1010 housing. It turns your FCB1010 into an extremely powerful USB enabled MIDI master.

Are you just looking for an editor for your FCB1010 ?

This website gives you all info about the LG-FCB extension kit and the according LG-FCB ControlCenter, but it also covers the FCB/UnO ControlCenter, a software editor for the regular FCB1010 with Behringer firmware or UnO firmware.

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