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Dec. 20, 2012

Release! The LG-FCB upgrade kit is available for delivery, we have a large number of kits on stock now.

FCB / UnO ControlCenter

Not related to the LG-FCB extension kit, but also available on this website.

The LG-FCB hardware extension board

LG-FCB board The extension board adds the necessary hardware to turn your FCB1010 into a really high-end MIDI controller: a more powerful processor, USB functionality, lots of extra memory, firmware code stored in erasable memory and thus upgradable through USB...

LG-FCB USB A small connector board replaces the original MIDI connectors with one 7-pins connector (both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT are available on one connector) and one USB connector. No need to drill extra holes in the housing, no need to use a soldering iron.

EPROM Along with the board comes a special firmware EPROM for the FCB1010. This firmware turns the FCB1010 into a "dummy" slave for the LG-FCB board. The more powerful LG-FCB controller now manages all aspects of the setup, with as a major advantage the possibility to do bugfixes through an USB firmware upgrade of the board, instead of swapping EPROMs.

Detailed upgrade instructions are available in the SUPPORT and DOWNLOADS sections, there you can check out yourself how easy the upgrade is. No electronics skills needed whatsoever.

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